Thursday, March 3, 2011

Around the Clock Bridal Shower

I was the maid of honor in my best friends wedding last September. Jenny and I started out as sorority sisters. She then became my little sister. Then my roommate for 2 years. Sorority Recruitment advisors. Then my co-worker. We love to go on ghost hunting tours. We can read each others minds. It's scary sometimes. They are not always nice thoughts.
I took pictures of everything with every intent to blog about my planning of the bridal shower though I never actually did. An Around the Clock bridal shower focuses on every time of the day and guests bring gifts for that time of day that I gave them.

Starting with the invitations of course. I looked online and at plenty of local stores and could not find an invitation that I loved that was not $3 per invite so I made my own:

So here's the cupcake clock I made out of cardboard and wrapping paper to match the clock that's on the invite.
I made Bakerella's S'more or less cupcakes with a marshmallow frosting and a vanilla cupcake with Sprinkle's Strawberry frosting. Delicious! The numbers I did out of chocolate.
Hello completed dessert/drink bar! We made sweet tea (which I followed a recipe. Sad, I know.), lemonade and Pretty In Pink sangria(which I highly recommend).
These are cheesecake cupcake bites. Again, inspired by Bakerella.Make sure you have plenty of seating...
And just in case people didn't know who it was for...
Let's get the party started
Around the clock food table should include breakfast, lunch and dinner.
We had:
Breakfast pizza
Roast Beef roll-ups
Macaroni and Cheese
(and a fruit and veggie platter)
Then we played games...
The Candy Bar Matching game... one word. Hilarious!
Butterfingers = First Date Interactions
Hugs = Warm Embraces
Pay Day = Wedding Ring Purchase Date
5th Avenue = The Wedding Dress Shop
Twix = Bachelor Party Pranks
Mounds = Gifts
Hot Tamales = The Bride
Sweet Tarts = The Bride & Groom
Sugar Daddy = Father of the Bride
Runts = The Flower Girl & the Ringbearer
100 Grand = The Reception
Kisses = What Reception Guests Clink Glasses For
Skor = The Honeymoon Night
O'Henry = Bride's Honeymoon Cry
Baby Ruth = 9 Months After the Honeymoon
Zero = Post-Wedding Bank Accounts
Park Avenue = Couple's Dream Home Location
Rocky Road = The First Year
And we played gift bingo. While she opened her gifts...
I always get my soon-to-be married friends Lands' End tote bags with their married initials on them. I fill them with goodies too!

As a parting gifts, I decorated sugar cookies. I had a wedding cake, hearts and an engagement ring. Next time... I think I'll pay someone to do those for me. Holy crap. I should have thought that out before I started.

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