Friday, March 11, 2011

Not cupcake related but... my easy wall art!

So I am that type of person that gets bored easily. I think my dog has an attention span that's longer then mine. I paint my walls at least once every 2 years. And it costs me a lot of money to re-decorate my house that often! 

And don't come to my house to watch a movie in one sitting. It'll never happen. Though I do love the Green Mile which is a bit strange for a girl with the attention span of a goldfish.

This wall art is perfect for my type of personality.
 I have changed them out I don't know how many times and all you need is new fabric! I also have Christmas ones. With the cutest Christmas fabric. I am that Jewish girl that loves Christmas. Everything about it. The tacky lights. The music. The tree smell. Going to cut down our tree. Watching my dog open her presents. Everyone's in a cheery Christmas mood. Well maybe minus those that work in retail. And I think it's absolutely ridiculous that it's PC to say Happy Holidays. Even the Jews celebrate Christmas... with Chinese food and the movie theater!

Anyways... here's my ADD kicking in. Back to the matter at hand.

First you need to buy the frame pieces.
They are cheap and can be found in most craft stores. They will slide right in and you should fasten them together with a staple gun. I do love my staple gun.

Pick your fabric. This is the fun part. I love picking out fabric. It all started in my sorority days. We'd get new fabric to get new letters made. Anyways, this is what I picked out. I like mine to be totally different fabrics, just with matching color schemes.
Put your frame on the underside of your fabric and staple your fabric to the frame.
And voila... my easy fabric wall art!

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  1. Brilliant! This would do perfectly in my living room that is still pretty just-moved-in-esque. But getting there.