Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello to the blogging world

Well, let me first start by saying... I was not an English major. I was a psychology major. I am not the best writer. I love to write short sentences instead of combining them. I will mentally analyze you when I first meet you. And I'm normally dead on with my thought of you. But at least I won't write about it.

Second, let me show you what I'm working with:
This is my kitchen. The only counter space is the island. I have a half of an oven. No dishwasher. No disposal. And 1/4 of the cabinet space that a normal kitchen has. Notice my pantry? I still love to bake in my tiny kitchen!! Anyone have a smaller kitchen?!


  1. Well, I love your space and I really love the magnet on your fridge! I am super excited to follow your blog!!!! AND I am super glad you analyzed me correctly and love me sooo much! :) I am so excited about this new venture for you!

  2. And by the way! Anytime you want to use a bigger kitchen you can always bring your wonderful baking here!

  3. you are an inspiration, my friend